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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  September 1, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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just one of several mysteries we were still working on the reasons for the bomb-making materials at the residence. >> just one of several mysteries in a murder spree spread over three bay area counties. let the ac transit come and let them know there's people that really need to get on the bus. >> ac transit wants to cut their routes. the reaction from those who will be waiting. the senator and their challenger, face to face in their first debate. the message each had had for voters. >> and ask and apparently you shall receive. no, really. how wishes were granted for every teacher. >> i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king.
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clues keep turning knupp a bay area murder mystery that span two counties in several days. the latest piece of evidence, a cadillac escalade brought investigators to a business park in hercules. authorities spent hours search searching the area -- searching the area for hours that might lead them to the suspect. some are connected romantically, others by friendship, or where they lived. tonight one man is under arrest. they found explosives when they went to his house, but not just any explosives. robert lyle has more on this. >> reporter: well, dana, yo mentioned "bizarre" and i can tell you that each day this story becomes wilder with the details. tonight, we know the vallejo police have to rule out who was
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their murderer is it efrain valdemoro or is it the husband of one of the missing woman and what's more? investigative soerbses are confirming to cbs 5 tonight that vallejo police have to figure out why the highly radioactive uranium was found alongside those two bodies. only cbs 5 cameras captured the so-called locker bomb extraction team vallejo police brought in from travis air force base. >> we're still working on the reasons for the bomb-making material at the residence. we know they were in connection with charles ritenhour's job. >> reporter: he's the 72-year- old husband of rita allen, now resumed dead. investigative sources say they thought they were only moving highly explosives from the house but now we're told
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something else was found -- uranium. that's the radioactive chemical used in dirty bombs or armor- piercing ammunition. >> at this point what his motive was it to have that material present, we don't know. >> reporter: there was a body decaying in a bedroom and another one in the backyard and the suspect stayed in that house. it appeared at first, they were chopped up. investigators called it the a scene from "the sigh lens of the lambs." police sources say riddenhour allowed valdemoro to move into the house but then he turned into a terror. >> she would scream. and ee fran -- efren would tell
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her to shut up. >> reporter: now police, don't know if ritenhouse is the killer or valdemoro. we're told ritenhouse is a engineer for a company in suisun. right now there's evidence linked to the two bodies found in the house. there's also no explanation as to why all of those explosives were found in a house. while two bodies can be linked to valdemoro, right now three cannot. and authorities fear with his death last night answers of what happened to those three individuals may not be answered. >> that they found uranium. are they attributing the uranium to this man's job as well, the engineer? >> reporter: right now, the information we've been provided is by investigative sources. so the hunt for clues is
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figuring out where the uranium came from where the c-4 came from. this is truly a mystery as to why all of those explosives would be in the house and more specific, why all of these explosives would be in the house with two decaying bodies and this individual never reported it. >> one more question. are they gonna bring the feds in that they -- now that they found uranium? >> reporter: that's a very good question. we know that the california department of justice have been brought in this investigation. they are assisting in the forensic examination. that leaves a huge question now that the chemicals were found in the house, who will join the question. >> thank you, robert. even more steep service cuts on. horizon for a.c. transit riders. the district is proposing eliminating about half of its weekend routes. cutting all but its late-night owl lines and leasing out it's paratransit service to a
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private company. julie is in oakland tonight where she heard from very outraged riders. >> reporter: yeah, it's those riders this evening will be impacted the most along with the 50,000 riders over the weekend. it's the controversy behind these cuts that got others downright angry. >> you are lying! >> reporter: tensions were high in this open meeting as the ac transit board of directors got their first look at service cuts. more than $15 million worth of service cuts that they blame on the union. >> nobody wants to cut anybody's salary. but at the same time nobody wants to cut office and -- cut service and one of those things is gonna have to give. >> i think they really went too far. i thought they should follow with the union. >> reporter: during the impasse with the negotiations with the bus driver union, the board
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tried to impose a contract that would have saved ac transit $15 million but the union fought back in court and they won. now, ac transit has to cut $15 million from somewhere and the cuts are coming to service. >> oh! that ain't right. huh-uh. >> they shouldn't take that out on the people. they need to come to an agreement. how is people gonna get to their joshes? >> reporter: that's a question neither ac transit nor the union can answer. as their court-ordered arbitration continues on, they admitted the riders will pay the price. >> i think the service cuts are so deep that everybody will be impacted. all routes, all weekend service will be impacted in some way, shape or form. >> i've been here the last 20 years. i've never seen it. >> reporter: the board will look over the proposed cuts and vote on november 22nd. if they approve, they take effect in december. ac transit says the only hope
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for saving cuts is a compromise and the drivers say they've already compromised enough. >> let the ac agreement come to an agreement. there are people who need to get on the bus. >> i think if that happens, times will get worse. prush -- people aren't gonna make it to their job. >> reporter: as they wait for the response to the appeal, they continue on with those court-ordered arbitrations. ken? >> thank you, julie. also tonight, people in one san francisco neighborhood sounded off about growing problems with a very popular park. neighbors say that delores park in the mission gets too loud and crowded even during the week. they say more and more people are use the park to drink and play loud music late at night. some neighbors say they are more important -- they have more important problems to deal
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with right now. but others say police need to find a way to keep their neighborhood from getting trashed. >> every weekend, i have to bleach my steps because of the vomit and urine. >> i'm having problems with with peeing. >> reporter: the city parks department says it takes as many as four gardners up to five hours to clean the parks on monday morning after a busy weekend. barbara boxer and carly fee fiorina faced off tonight. our poll released three weeks ago shows fee rena -- fiorina leading. simon peres has more. >> reporter: job creator or job creator? senate slacker or senate work
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horse? those were some of the accusations thrown back and forth incumbent barbara boxer and her challenger, carly fee fiorina right here in the debate tonight. they started off joining hands. soon after, they separated like oil and water. they clashed on the records they have and who could create the most jobs. >> she called this bill disgraceful. i will tell you why i don't think she likes it because she wayed for the bill. it was definite newt neutral because we paid for it by stopping tax breaks for companies who ship jobs overseas. >> to create jobs, we need to make sure in particular our small businesses, our family- owned businesses, our innovators and entrepreneurs are freed from strangling regulation and freed from taxation. >> i'm in the united states
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senate? why? because i fight for people because i feet for the -- fight the dream. every time i run, i have a tough ride on my hands and people have to decide if they want me back. >> results count. >> in her 18 years in the senate, senator boxer has four bills with her name on it, four pieces of legislation. that's far below the record and even the average. and those four bills include naming a river in virginia, naming a courthouse, renaming a post office, and bridging some -- bringing some federal dollars back to the bay area after the earthquake. >> reporter: over and over again, boxer hammered fiorena for her position as ceo at hp where she cut thousands of jobs and still received a multi- million dollar package after she was fired. >> the facts are, there was a $21 million severance check. my understanding is it was taken after my opponent was
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fired. the stock went down more than 50%. so if she's calling for accountability with teachers, there ought to be accountability with ceos. >> when you lead a business, whether it's a 9-person business or 150,000 people, you sometimes have to take the agonizing choice to lose some jobs to save more. >> well -- >> reporter: we spoke to a political analyst here at st. mary's college who said basically the candidates told their supporters what they wanted to hear. >> carly fiorena, she commanded a certain array of facts. i -- quite frankly, i think the sound bites will to go barbara boxer about creating more jobs in china than california. >> reporter: the candidates differed on abortion. they also differ on same-sex marriage, whereby boxer said she's in favor of it.
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fee reoe -- fiorena is against it. and dana, both of them said they would like to do it again. >> thank you, simon. coming up -- the attack hit close to home so students and teachers rolled up their sleeves today. the support for a frommont officer on the line and an update on -- and an update on his condition. and there will be new goodie goodies that were announced today from apple. and teachers asked. a donor dliv -- delivered. the gift that will keep on giving. by the time the sun set, we experienced highs up to 95 degrees. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in honor of the fremont police officer critically injured in the line of well, the fact that a -- well, a bay area high school sponsored a blood drive. santa clara high is officer todd young's alma mater. not only did he graduate there, two of his children attend the school. his wife works for the school district as did his mom. the principal let the kids get some time off from class to donate some blood. >> it's because he was from the
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community and more people wouldn't have come if it weren't for a specific cause like this. >> officer young has undergone three surgeries requiring more than 100 units of blood. he's listed in serious but stable condition at highland hospital. apple is fine tuning some of its best and worst-selling products. ceo steve jobs unveiled a revamp of the less than popular apple tv box at a media event in san francisco today. in the new version, consumers no longer buy digital movies or tv shows. they went them, starting at 99 cents for a tv episode. apple ipod line got a makeover. the ipod touch has gotten thinner and the new version has a camera on the front for video, calls over apple's program. >> and of course, can you do face time and not just with other ipod touches but also between iphones and ipod touches. >> apple also introduced ping,
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a music-based social network for sharing information about music and falling artists. it's available to the 160 million people who download music on itunes. >> that's what i said when i woke up, ping! sun's out. >> everybody has been talking about the weather. after 60 can degrees in -- after 60 degrees in half moon bay, we experienced 84 in san francisco. people are out in force in the em bar capacity embarcadero. so for the morning commute you can count on pretty clear skies with the offshore flow continuing. you want a little bit of sampling about how clear it was? michael sent in this video. >> antioch bridge in the san
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joaquin river. high-pressure system. >> oh, yeah. >> tell us, roberta. >> okay. i will do so. thank you, michael. we have high pressure. it's sitting pretty over the pacific ocean. it will continue to strengthen and a second day in a row of spare the air. but this is what concerns me, our pinpoint forecast by the evening commute already places that bank of low clouds and fog trying to redevelop pushing onshore. you have to imagine there's cooler air mass aloft. therefore i'm going to bring down the temperatures modestly. otherwise, 95 in san jose. that's up from 94 today and still the average is 84. that's way above average. north of the golden gate bridge, anywhere from 72 degrees in stinson beach to 92 in sonoma. dog days of summer definitely here. keep the photos coming at
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mypics there's your forecast. bonus, a couple of extra days for you. temperatures below average by tuesday, wednesday of next week. >> right after we get back from vacation. >> who is going on vacation? >> i'm not. you'll be here, right? >> yeah. >> i will be here with us, right? >> thanks roberta. a big surprise for hundreds of california teachers thanks to one generous donor. is a site where teachers post classroom needs and individuals fund them. the founder said she got a call from the san francisco clair gionini fund asking how much it would cost to cover all of the lists. then a check arrived for $ $1.2 million. a millions of supplies were
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they can be wooden or painted or metal. therethere is really nothing unique about them. one woman wants to know why they were ever called the bleachers in baseball. that's tonight's question. >> line drive, left field. out of here! >> you have bleacher bums. bleacher creatures. not sure what we have here. >> but we have bleachers way
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out beyond the fence at at&t park and for a fraction behind a home -- fraction you can have a seat behind home plate. >> the term "bleachers" has been around in the late 1800s. any seating area that was exposed -- exposed out to the elements. they were made with big, wooden planks. >> giants' vice president said they started calling them bleachers for a reason. >> but the bottom line is, they were already made of wood and the wood bleaches in the sun, therefore we have bleachers. >> virtually every major league park has the bleachers. but more often than not, the stiff, uncomfortable boards have given way to a new-age plank. >> it's a little more comfortable. >> it's a lot more comfortable. >> it's fine. there's nothing wrong with putting your drink on the
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floor. >> he says many fans prefer sitting out here. it's a little more old school baseball and a lot more intimate. bleacher etiquette, this is not cool. >> that's not good and -- and when you get up and you walk to your seat with food in your hands, you have to be real careful. >> send your questions to me at b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
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baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners.
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you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible. get 80% savings on final markdowns, including 80% off clothes, shoes, accessories, and 80% off home! did we mention our red zone clearance final markdowns are 80% off? who knew shopping could be so rewarding? jcpenney. and tight end davis where engaged in a heated exchange. as i arrived at 49er practice, michael crabtree and vernon davis were exchanged in a heated exchange -- engaged in a heat the exchanged. -- heated exchanged. mike singletary walked both of them in the locker room.
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>> they were both wrong. we will not allow that. vernon, you forgot that. >> there's no more elements in the room. the elephant has been exposed. >> is that randy? >> he avoided losing the start pitching eight innings, gave up one run. 8th inning, dave ford. the throw into the out field, ford scores. giants win. they are three back in the west. as tries to avoid a lot against the yankees. he says not so fast. yankees win 4-3. the san jose sharks did not bring back this player but they did sign this goalie. niemi is fresh off a victory
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with the blackhawks. ,, ,,,,,,
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hmm, do i wear hats? i could wear hats, if i partook in hat type things (birds chirping) like strolling in an orchard ♪ is this my husband? awesome cool hat, mom oh my perfect kids alright fourteen ninety nine i totally wear hats


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